This page will provide users with details of the Club's progress to avoid eviction from its
current home course by La Trobe University in January 2019.


Yesterday, the 8th June, after months of persistsence lobbying and pressure from the Community, the University advised the Club that it had reversed its earlier decision and will now extend the Clubs lease for a further 5 years.  This indeed is GOOD news, but not necessarily the conclusion of the battle to keep the Strathallan Open Space that includes the golf course from being re-developed.  As such the planned Rally (see details below) will still be staged.


As a result of the continual refusal of La Trobe Univesity to discuss the matter with the Save Strathallan Open Space Community Coalition (SSOSCC) a Public Rally will be staged on Sunday, 17th June.  The rally will take place at 11.00am, in the foregrounds of the Strathallan Golf Club's Clubhouse.  It is essential that all members attend this rally and show your support for the campaign to retain the OPEN space that includes the golf course. (See below)

SSOSCC Rally Flyer P1SSOSCC Rally Flyer P2

Go to the web site of the Save Strathallan Open Space Community Coalition for the latest and vital news regarding the campaign to save the Strathallan Open Space and golf course.  Click here for the link and access the Latest News page. 


  Latest News

Following a resolute campaign by the SSOSCC , the general community, Darebin City Council and local member for Bundoora, Colin Brooks, the La Trobe University announced in late August 2017 that they were willing to negotiate with the Darebin City Council the sale of the land as public open space.


These negotiations have commenced and it has been reported that the opening price asked by the University is $25 million.  Based on the land current zoning as public open space and compared with the Club's own independent valuation based on its current zoning and usage of $1.5 million the price asked by the University would appear ludicrous!


These negotiations are continuing. 


 Summary of Recent Activities

Since the public meeting held in October, the Club has continued to gather important information through a series of FOI particularly in relation to how the land was purchased and conditions pertaining to thereof.


More importantly we have widened the committee to include reps. from the adjacent residential areas and interested conservation groups.  This committee has now met several times and have adopted the name of the Save Strathallan Open Space Community Coalition (SSOSCC). The organisation has been registered as a incorporated body.  We are continuing to discuss our future strategy with key stakeholders such as Colin Brooks (local MP for Bundoora), Golf Vic and Community Clubs of Vic. 


We are continuing to receive a lot of support from the general public and local community groups and the newly formed action group (SSOSCC) is keen to embrace these endeavours. Once the association has finalised its incorporation it intends to establish a database of members and other interested parties for the express purpose of providing these people with a regular Newsletter and an update.  As well it will be establishing contacts via social media such as Facebook, Tweeter, etc.


Membership to the newly formed association (SSOSCC Inc.) are now available and a copy of the membership Application Form can be downloaded from this web site (see below).


The association now has its own web site that will provide a much more comprehensive narrative of the campaign to Save the Strathallan Open Space that includes the golf course.  See www.savestrathallanopenspace.com.au . Also see the association's Facebook page titled Save Strathallan Open Space which can also be accessed via the association's web site.


The SSOSCC has now launched a campaign that involves a Petition to collect signatures to support the retention of the existing public open space zoning and usage.  An option to download a copy of this petition is also available from the download options listed below.


In parallel with the petition the SSOSCC has also made submissions on the matter to both the Darebin and Banyule City Councils.  The response from both councils has been very positive with both councils passing resolutions in support of the "save Strathallan Open Space " campaign.  The Darebin CC resolution also supports the retention of the existing Public Park and Recreation zoning of the land.  


Also, the group has issued the first of its proposed regular newsletter and this is also available as a download from the following options.


Click here to download a copy of the Petition


Click here to download a copy of the SSOSCC Membership Application Form.


Click here to download a copy of the SSOSCC latest Newsletter (May 2017)


Click here to download a copy of the presentation made by the Club to the Darebin City Council in late 2016.