Current Green Fee Prices

(effective 1/11/2018)


Adults $30.00
Adult with a member $25.00

Adult Concession*

(Seniors, Centrelink card)

Latrobe Staff & Student * $17.00
Student 18 years and over * $17.00
Junior under 18 years $15.00

 9 Holes only


After 3.00PM (May to Sept)

After 6.00PM (Oct to March)






Members & Memberships

image11.jpg - largeThe Club offers a range of instant membership to suit individual golfing requirements for men, women, full time students and juniors.


The membership process merely involves the completion of an application form and the payment of the appropriate fees.


More detailed information relating to the various types of memberships are available from the office or the Pro Shop.





 Full Competitive Member:

This category is for members who wish to acquire an official handicap and compete in all appropriate club competitions; no day restrictions apply as this category allows play seven days a week, either in competition or outside of competitions.


Non-Competitve Member:

This category is for members who wish to have playing rights seven days a week but only outside of official club competitions.   Such members are not permitted in official competitions but can play any other time including social competitions.


Full Time Student member:

A membership category also exists for full time students over 18 years of age.  The membership is valid for a single year and any extension must be applied for with the appropriate documentation.


Age related member:


There are age related memberships available. See below -

Under 45 years old

Under 40 years old

Under 30 years old

Under 25 years old

Under 20 years old


Junior Member:


Memberships are available for persons 18 years and under and these are classified as Junior members.  These memberships are unrestricted and enable juniors to play seven days a week including competitions if they have received the approval of the club’s Match Committee.


Minor (9 Hole only) member:


This is a new membership category targeting those persons who because of age and/or health reasons can only manage 9 holes of golf per round.  It is a restricted membership and applications are subject to special application procedures and scrutiny.


Transitional Membership:

This provides an opportunity for prospective members a low cost entry to the membership of the club and a opportunity to compete in a restricted number of club competitions rounds (5) per year and obtain an official Australian handicap.  Other membership benefits apply, including additional games at a reduced Green Fee rate, but no voting rights apply.


Social Member:

Social membership are available to persons who do not wish to play golf but wish to enjoy the fraternity offered by the club and licensed facilities of the clubhouse.


Full Competitive Member $895.00
Non competitive Member


Full Time Student Member $255.00 (no rebates apply)
Under 45 years old $750.00
Under 40 years old $620.00
Under 30 years old $490.00
Under 25 years old $360.00
Under 20 years old $255.00
Junior Member $70.00 (no rebates apply)
 Minor (9 Hole only) member $560.00 (no rebates apply)
Transitional member $100.00 (no rebates & set fee for any part of the year)
Social Member

$70.00  (no rebates apply)


All new members, regardless of membership categories, are not subject to the payment of a Joining Fee.


Persons with a Seniors card or CentreLink concession are eligible to a rebate on the appropriate annual membership fee and this rebate is approximately 5%  of the total amount.


The club’s membership year is from the 1st November until the 31st October.  Members joining through the year pay a pro rata amount of the appropriate annual membership fee according to the membership category.


For further details of membership please contact the office or click on the following link for a Word document of the club’s two page Membership Application form.



Click Here to Download Membership Form